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Drone Services

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Water View International Consulting has now moved into the Drone Services space, as drone technology and the additional scope it delivers, partners well with our other disciplines.

We are fully certified and accredited Drone Operators (Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) SR-21-108354, RPA Category (and gross weight): Multi-rotor up to 25kgs).

Our services are in accordance with CASA Operations Requirements. Refer to the CASR Part 101 Guide for further information.

We have access to a variety of different equipment that can be configured to suit the work required, including:

Services offered include:

  • Emergency Services;
  • Mapping;
  • Rapid Damage Assessment;
  • Virtual Site Inspections;
  • Aerial-based Environmental Land Evaluation;
  • Aerial-based Reviewing with regard to Bushfire Risk Management.
Emergency Services

We can provide you with “eyes in the sky” in emergency situations.


Our drones are capable of delivering highly detailed, aerial maps and surveys of topography, buildings and other assets, without the need for manned aircraft or ground resources in remote, difficult locations.

Rapid Damage Assessment

Need to assess damage to assets such as electricity and telecommunications infrastructure, commercial and industrial roofing and other hard to get to assets? Our Drones can provide high resolution aerial photography and data for examination of damage quickly and at low risk to you and your staff.

Virtual Site Inspections

Comprehensive Virtual Site Inspections can save you time, expensive equipment and risks to staff. We can provide comprehensive, high quality footage and data so that inspectors are able to assess and act on any issues with greater precision and efficiency.

Aerial-based Environmental Land Evaluation

We can provide assessment, including mapping and modelling of various terrains for environmental monitoring, modelling and management in a cost-effective and safe way.

Aerial-based Reviewing with regard to Bushfire Risk Management

We specialise in Bushfire Risk Management and can provide you with comprehensive, predictive modelling of potential risks before they become a threat to life and critical assets.

Our Mission, Vision & Values



The mission of Water View International Consulting is to provide exemplary, independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve their client’s operations.

Our Vision


To be recognized by industry as a valuable business partner by independently and objectively providing information, analyses and counsel to assist management in fulfilling their responsibility for ensuring operations are managed safely, ethically, effectively and efficiently.

Our Values


At Water View international Consulting we believe in the core values of Objectivity, Integrity and Assurance.

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