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Water View International Consulting provides exemplary, independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve their client’s operations. We operate throughout Australia and Internationally, however our focus is to provide a cost effective business for Northern Australia.

We have designed this website to be a resource for our clients and to communicate who we are and what we do.

Our Mission, Vision & Values



The mission of Water View International Consulting is to provide exemplary, independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve their client’s operations.

Our Vision


To be recognized by industry as a valuable business partner by independently and objectively providing information, analyses and counsel to assist management in fulfilling their responsibility for ensuring operations are managed safely, ethically, effectively and efficiently.

Our Values


At Water View international Consulting we believe in the core values of Objectivity, Integrity and Assurance.


Health and Safety Auditing

Health and Safety

Most companies have existing Health and Safety programs, but may need help enhancing or implementing specific program elements or responding to changes to regulations. The benefits of an effective health and safety program are substantial…

Environmental Auditing


We help organisations to understand, measure and improve their environmental performance and to communicate their environmental credentials. We can support you with specific aspects of reducing your environmental impact or …

Emergency Management Auditing

Emergency Management

Water View International Consulting conducts audits in a systematic and objective process by which we monitor the performance of the Emergency Management System (including but not limited to OHS) for emergency preparedness and …

Fitness for Work

At Water View International Consulting we will work with our clients to build a robust and socially acceptable Fitness for Work program based on the various Legislation, and Australian Standards and implement this based on their individual workforce requirements…

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Drone Services

Drone ServicesWater View International Consulting has now moved into the Drone Services space, as drone technology and the additional scope it delivers, partners well with our other disciplines. We are fully certified and accredited Drone Operators (Remote Pilot...

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